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Monica! The Podcast

Apr 25, 2017

A lengthy and unexpected tangent about Gennifer Flowers is followed by Tracie finding she's not as impressed by the Act One finale as she was expecting. Who is Miserables now?
Featuring random live snippets of the songs "The Fault Lies Not With Me Alone" and "I Have Dreamed."

Apr 18, 2017

Ken Starr, man. What a loser. But also a bad guy. But also a genius so evil he has the sixth sense to perceive he's appearing in a musical. But also he's bad at that. Ken Starr is the worst.
Featuring the songs "We Spin," "Loser," and "Shakesperean Asides."

Apr 11, 2017

Monica shows up for the first time and promptly gets bullied by everyone she meets, so Dan and Tracie cut all of those characters out of the show to try and make her life nice. Unfortunately, they won't look at you twice if you try to stay nice.
Featuring the songs "Nice," "I Don't Know Where I'm Going," and "Because...

Apr 4, 2017

The songs start getting better and the play starts getting weirder. Here come the major players from Clinton history: George Stephanopoulos, Janet Reno, and legendary entertainer Tom Jones. Yes, that actually happened.
Featuring the songs: "Tom Jones' London (I Love This Town)", "Things You Can't Imagine," and "Bill...