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Monica! The Podcast

Jun 27, 2017

Our LOST SONGS SPECIAL! Really, a bunch of crap we couldn't fit into the first 11 episodes and a letter from Gloria Steinem. PLUS a tease of Season 2, our loving tribute to the vanity singles of the Real Housewives.
Featuring the songs:
Sweet Dreams
Satisfied (

Jun 20, 2017

Special guest Christine DiGiallonardo (of Prairie Home Companion and other Broadway efforts) stops by to talk about her role as Monica, which she played non-stop for five years. The moral of this episode is that you SHOULD go to a great amusement park that closed years ago, and that you should AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE a...

Jun 6, 2017

In 2003 we had no idea how to write the climax. In 2017, we had no idea how to talk about the climax. Unrelated, did you know that Tracie has birds living in her walls?
Featuring songs featuring Hillary and a ventriloquist dummy, Ken and a beret, and birds living in Tracie's walls.